What Spikeless Golf Shoes Are The Best?

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ECCO Golf ShoesGolf shoes were traditionally viewed as unique purpose shoes. This meant that the shoe could only be used when playing golf. The way the shoes were designed did not make them user friendly to any other activity. They were purely designed for performance and did not take into account the comfort of the wearer. The shoes with spikes were described as very uncomfortable by the people who wore them.

It therefore came as a relief when various designers came up with spikeless golf shoes. Aside from performance, the new designs ensured that other factors were put into consideration. Many golf players were relieved since they had a variety of shoe designs to choose from. This was achieved through heavy borrowing from technologies used in making shoes for other sports.

Spikeless golf shoes are light in weight with designs that are meant for both style and comfort. Instead of the spikes, rubber technology is used in order to ensure that the shoes maintain traction while on the golf course. With the diverse designs in place, it is important that one carefully picks out the best from all the rest. Below are some great tips that can help you pick the best pair of spikeless golf shoes for your golfing games:


When shopping for a pair of spikeless golf shoes it is important to keep in mind that golf is a walking sport. You need to be very comfortable and stable throughout the game. Most of the amount of time spent in the golf course is spent walking and if the shoe is not comfortable, the player can easily strain their ankles, back and feet. The old saying “if you want to forget all your problems wear an ill-fitting shoe” is very true if you put on ill fitting shoes. In the golf course you want to enjoy your game, and not forget about it, so it is only fair that you do not have shoes that will steal all your attention and your wonderful experience. Comfort is the key to ensure that healthy composure is maintained. Make sure you also get a comfortable golf bag. TaylorMade Golf Bags make this easy. TaylorMade Golf Bags are high quality and easy to carry.

To attain the best in terms of comfort, make sure that you purchase shoes that are well fitting. This can be done by trying on both shoes in socks similar to what you will have during your golf games and walking around in them to assess the comfort.

Titleist Golf BagsPerformance

While comfort has been put into consideration, it is important that the shoe does not compromise your performance on-course. The shoe should not diminish but should enable you to enhance your performance because after all, that is the main essence of the game. With this in mind, the shoe should provide great traction so that grip with the ground is maintained and chances of slipping or falling minimized. Most spikeless golf shoes have been designed to take care of this through a rubber technology that is used in their manufacture. You need to have plenty of grip when you swing. If you don’t, then your golf balls could go in the wrong direction.


Spikeless golf shoes have been designed for use both on and off course. This means that you do not have to change your shoes once you are done with a game hence very convenient. When purchasing, it is good that you go for a shoe that will serve you throughout depending on what activities follow the game. This will also help you save a few coins because you do not need to buy another shoe for casual wear.


Since this is a shoe that is worn even off-course, it is important to factor in durability when purchasing spikeless golf shoes. This is due to the fact that this shoe will be worn more often, compared to the traditional golf shoes that would only be worn on-course. The design and the make of the shoe should be that it can endure and handle wear and tear well.

Style and Design

Spikeless golf shoes provide a variety of designs to choose from. It is no longer that boring look thanks to different designs that are in the market. When purchasing a pair, one should choose their favorite trends and style depending on their taste and preference. Choose a design that will work for you both on and off course. The other factors to consider when choosing the design is whether the shoe is waterproof, the ability of the shoe to provide comfort especially off course and still maintain the style that you uphold.


Although spikeless golf shoes have been said to cost lower as compared to the traditional spiked golf shoes, there is a variation in prices that is mostly dependent on the brand. As with any other commodity, popular brands tend to be more expensive as compared to the non-popular brands regardless of the quality.

When purchasing the shoes it is important that you shop around for the best price depending on how much you can afford. However, this does not mean that you compromise the quality, but rather get the best for your money. There are also seasons when the popular brands have sales and this would be a great time to purchase the shoes at discounted prices.

Frequency of Play

The amount of time that you play should also determine the golf shoes that will be bought. Though spikeless golf shoes are versatile in that they can be worn overall, the amount of money spent, the type of shoe and the design preferred by a regular player and a one time player will differ. The regular player would want to invest in a more expensive shoe that will provide high levels of support, comfort and breathability.

From the above it is clear that spikeless golf shoes have brought a positive revolution in the golf game. It no longer has to be the uncomfortable boring and old school shoes, but stylish comfortable and versatile shoes. This has also enabled people to still bring their dynamic lifestyle into the golf course and enjoy the game while at it. The price of these shoes is also pocket friendly and therefore, some savings are made as well.

It is also important that as you purchase the shoes you do not compromise on your health. The fitting process should be taken seriously. A lot of special attention should be paid to an individual who has some underlying medical problems such as ankle or back pains. Once these are taken into consideration, then you can go ahead and concentrate on your game.

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